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Medical Astrology Online Course for beginners in Hindi | Vedic astrology course|

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Medical astrology online course:- Do you want to know about the Vedic Medical Astrology Online Course? How do I start learning Vedic astrology, is Vedic astrology hard to learn? I am completely new to the matter of Vedic astrology. What is the best way to study Vedic astrology?  this type of question afterward comes to the mind of students who want to learn Vedic medical astrology. 
My friends,
The best book to learn Vedic medical astrology even after reading astrology is not understandable because Vedic astrology can be understood only By staying with the Guru. Best way to learn Vedic astrology. Vedic Medical astrology online?

Vedic Medical Astrology Online Demo class Video


Can I study Vedic Medical astrology online?

Do you really want to learn Traditional Vedic Medical Astrology from online sitting at your home? Friends, all astrologers, and doctors are connected to the medical line, students or doctors must learn Vedic medical astrology.
In our Ayushyogi Online great platform, people learning Vedic medical astrology are taught all kinds of astrological calculations and special methods of making predictions by looking at the horoscope. Vedic Medical astrology Online Course

Will I be able to understand Vedic Medical Astrology?

If you do not know anything about Vedic Medical astrology and may have gone to study elsewhere, then this question would have been valid for you, but you are getting ready to learn Vedic medical astrology here from Pandit Dronacharya Shastri ji that is why there is some kind of confusion in your mind.  Do not keep  Dronacharya ji has a long experience of teaching many subjects of Vedic Medical Astrology, Ayurveda Nadi Pariksha, and Dharmashastra to the students for the last 15 years.

What is a Vedic medical astrology course?

 A medical diagnosis of all types is sometimes not enough to understand incurable diseases.  In the context of such diseases as leprosy, apasmara, and Arsha, the authors consider the result of the deeds done in the previous birth.
For this reason, such diseases should be tested with Vedic medical astrology only. After that, on the basis of whatever diagnosis is there, efforts should be made to pacify the planet with spiritual deity worship, etc.

How to learn Vedic medical astrology online course 

Before learning Vedic Medical Astrology, we will teach you all the methods of making Janam Kundli along with remembering the main principle of Laghu Parashari, Brihad Parashara Hora Shastra, and then go to study Vedic Medical Astrology because in this way students will get better results only by reading in a sequential manner.  By way of understanding Vedic Medical Astrology.

How to get Ayushyogi Medical Astrology Online Course for Free?

We have a great suggestion to get Ayush Yogi's online medical astrology course for free.  If you really have a great desire to learn medical astrology but you are not able to do this course due to lack of money, then you have to log in first by going to the home page of Ayushyogi, then share and earn by using this system.  You can earn money from there you have to use the same money to learn our online medical astrology class.  You can use this money for any of our services.

Know how to use share & earn option 

Best books to learn medical astrology online courses.

Although there are many books available in the market regarding astrology but my own experience is more on critical ancient texts like Jaimini Siddhanta, Laghu Parashari, and Chahke Jyotish and I also believe in these books because it is more than others.  is accurate.  By the way, without going to any teacher and reading it, you will not be able to understand Ayurveda astrology and religious science, that is why no subject can be taught without a guru, that is why you should go to a qualified guru and read Ayurveda by buying a book on your own.  That knowledge experience would not be accessible.  Astrology and Ayurvedic medicine method experience is a lucrative subject.edic medicine method  Vedic Medical astrology online courseexperience is a lucrative subject.


Vedic Medical astrology Online course 

✓ label- beginner advanced and practical
✓ eligibility-graduate or 10 +years
✓ 3 days free demo class
✓ 3-month package fee - 10,000/- (INR)
✓ If you do not like the course for 10 days, the money can be refunded.
✓ 3-month course
✓ comfortable class time - 9 To 10 pm daily
✓class recording videos
✓ Class will run while analyzing your horoscope
✓ Good students will also get certificates.
✓ predictions from the world-famous Jagannath Hora software.
✓ lifetime access.

Medical astrology Online course subject - Topic List!

∆ first month topic.
✓ इष्टकाल निकालने का तरीका।
✓ भयात,भभोग,लग्न तथा,ग्रह स्पष्ट 
✓ग्रहों के विषय में सामान्य जानकारी।
✓राशि और नक्षत्र के विषय में सामान्य जानकारी।
✓मेडिकल एस्ट्रोलॉजी के विषय में सामान्य जानकारी।
✓ वर्ग कुंडली निर्माण करने का तरीका

Second manth medical astrology topic

✓ चहके ज्योतिष के विषय में संपूर्ण जानकारी।
✓ फलित सूत्र के लिए सबसे पहले लघु पाराशरी को पढ़ेंगे।
✓ सामान्य फलादेश के लिए पाराशर होरा शास्त्र में प्रवेश करेंगे।
✓चहके ज्योतिष से चमत्कार करने वाला सुत्र के ऊपर अभ्यास
✓ रोग निर्णय हेतु चाहके और पाराशरी सूत्र पर अभ्यास।

Third manth medical astrology topic

✓रोग निर्णय हेतु सभी ज्योतिष ग्रंथों का विमर्श
✓आयुर्वेद और ज्योतिष संगम सूत्र पर चर्चा
✓वर्ग कुंडली के आधार पर भविष्यवाणी करने का तरीका
✓ग्रहों के प्रभाव रोगी के ऊपर से कैसे हटाए इस पर विमर्श।
✓आयुर्वेदा आध्यात्मिक और मानसिक चिकित्सा
✓ग्रह पूजन विधि (रोग शांति हेतु)

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