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 Pulse diagnosis course:-To learn Pulse diagnosis course it is very important for you to have patience. Man of fickle nature and person suffering from any kind of disease cannot diagnose the pulse properly. For this ayush Yogi has come up with the special pulse diagnosis course help you to learn easily.

 About Ayushyogi online class. 


How can I learn Nadi Pariksha course

If you also want to learn online Nadi Pariksha course from Vaidya Dronacharya ji then for this you have  to book free of cost by clicking on the link given below.
The 5th of every month the new session of Nadi Pariksha course start special forces exam course last 30 days online from the comfort of your home.

Subject name:- traditional pulse diagnosis course.

Teacher.             Vaidya Dronacharya Shastri ji

Class duration.. 30 days

Demo Video And Course Detail - 

Class Time- 8 to 9 p.m. daily on Google meet.

Total Course Fee-.2100 only.

With Share and earn- Course fee-1600 only

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To promote Ayurveda among the masses and especially this rare pulse diagnosis course . Knowledge of Ayurveda will save you from many misconceptions related to diet and will encourage you to lead a balanced life, which topics you will learn in this online pulse  diagnosis course are mentioned below.

 Eligibility to learn pulse diagnosis course

 What are the qualifications you should have to learn guru-shishya tradition pulse diagnosis course? If a person without ability who does not know anything about any kind of medical subject and wants to learn this pulse diagnosis course, will  subject be understood by him? Many Such questions comes in  people's mind.

 To learn pulse diagnosis course  It is not absolutely necessary to have a  Ayurveda degree as a qualification, yogi teaches practical on many principle of Ayurveda including nadi Pariksha course. Nadi examination method related to Ayurveda is matter of self knowledge. So overall we do not Need any special ability to pulse test here, but it is necessary that you should have good Intelligence and good thinking power enough to understand this topic. The pulse diagnosis course will be taught in a very simple and easy way , dronacharya ji has been teaching ayurveda Lovers Like You online for a long time.

 Specific information related to aayush Yogi online pulse diagnosis course. about ayushYogi traditional Nadi Pariksha Hindi course

Ayush Yogi online diagnosis course the subjects are  taught such  a way that any person can easily understand the things related to Ayurveda and  nadi Pariksha course in just few days.

 Nadi Pariksha course content

 First in class the formula of charak Samhita is explained .

Why first test should be done from this very important words of Ayurveda and what is the real meaning of age a detailed explanation about its present in short words like vinagate tantri sarvann raganaprabhasate and the hastagata nadi illuminates the whole world. In the above verse ravana is giving a detailed lecture to the students. As  a single  string in a Veena  represents all kind of vocal group, similarly the pulse  located in the radial artery the force of the heart carries the feeling of pleasure and pain in the body through juice and blood. When we keep our index finger and middle finger and ring finger on wrist of a person from which we can recognise the quality of a vata , pitta and kapha through which we understand the disease related to all type of body and mind. While doing the pulse examination both the patient and the doctor follow certain rules and what is the way to see the pulse and things to kept in mind while diagnosing. Then have the first class and then when the start the second class class start with the verse below.

 The diseased body should be examine in a places.

 Nadi- ( prana - carrying sources)

Urine - ( kidney + apan)

Stool - ( food carrying sources + apan)

Tongue - ( middle body)

Sound - ( udana + Prana)

Touch - ( exhalation+bhrajaka+bile+pigment bile)

action - ( lula langda + week + strong body + age + female + mail + length of body)

 Above topics are covered in 2 days and some special things are related to charak Samhita and ka chikitsa explained. After that we come to the initial stage of pulse  testing method.

 Average student starts to understand what is ayurveda what is the purpose of Ayurveda how to study Ayurveda .etc

After that the most important point  of Ayurveda kapha Pitta vata taught  from different angles for the next 10 days. At the same time three different methods are mentioned for understanding kapha Pitta vata in Nadi test the student can understand any one method and proceed. First of all all the doses are taug

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