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Nadi vaidya Course In Nepal | pulse Diagnosis Certificate Course in Nepal |

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Nadi vaidya Certificate Course in Nepal.3 month Complete traditional Ayurveda Nadi pariksha online course .If you want to learn complete pulse diagnosis course in your mother tongue (Nepali)  then contact immediately.
For the first time in Nepali
Since the last few years, in Nepal, there is a great reverence for Ayurveda and Ayurvedic traditional pulse Diagnosis (Nadi pariksha)in the minds of Ayurvedic doctors there and interest to learn the pulse Diagnosis knowledge given by their ancestors.  Keeping this in mind, Vaidya Dronacharya, born in East Birtamod, Nepal, who currently serves Ayurveda by living in Punjab, India, is preparing to teach pulse Diagnosis Nadi Vaidya ( Nadi pariksha course) through online in Nepali language to the Ayurveda lovers of Nepal.  All of you can apply to learn the traditional Ayurveda pulse Diagnosis course.

Nadi vaidya Course In Nepal,nadi parikcha,pulse diagnosis

Nadi vaidya certificate Course  detail.

Subject name- pulse diagnosis course
Language - Nepali
Duration- 30 days (Sunday off)
Source of class - Google meet (online class)
Class time morning 7.00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m./7.00pm to 8.00pm

Nadi vaidya Course In Nepal,nadi parikcha,puls diagnosis

Content of nadi parikcha course.


  • ✓Janma Prakriti and vikriti Based on charak Sanghita.
  • ✓About kafa,pitt And vatta 
  • ✓About Subdosa
  • ✓About Ras,Raktadi Dhatu 
  • ✓ Nadi Pariksha for all argon diseases
  • ✓Different special information to know about all minor and major diseases from pulse Diagnosis.
  • ✓The recorded video will be given to the students after class every day.
  • ✓After learning pulse Diagnosis from AyushYogi you will be given pdf and certificate.
  • ✓If you want to learn medical astrology, practical Ayurveda, marma chikitsa and other subject after learning Nadi Vaidya Course, then you will find its fee less.

Demo Nadi Parikcha Online Class Video

What is Nadi Vaidya? नाड़ी वैद्य भनेको केहो ।

Traditional Ayurveda in Nepal has been disappearing for the last few years.  Special Ayurvedic information used by Nepali Vaidya, mainly pulse Diagnosis (Nadi Pariksha) used to be a topic of great discussion, but the result of neglecting Ayurveda was that such valuable knowledge went extinct.  Time has come, now all of us should work together in this direction.  Nadi Pariksha course in Nepali method is the most important topic for Ayurvedic practitioners.  By working in the field of Ayurveda by becoming a Nadi Vaidya, you will get respect in the society.  And you will feel very comfortable in doing medicine with Ayurvedic method.

Where can I learn Nadi Pariksha in Nepal ?

Famous Vaidya of Nepal who has been studying Ayurveda for a long time living in India for teaching Nadi Vaidya in Nepali language.  His name is Vaidya Dronacharya Niraula.  Dronacharya has taught subjects like Charak Samhita, Kayachikitsa, Medical Astrology, Nadi Pariksha to more than 2000 Ayurvedic practitioner practitioners so far.  If you also want to learn Nadi Pariksha method prepared on the basis of Ayurveda principle from Vaidya Dronacharya ji in Nepali language, then contact immediately.
You can also apply Nadi Pariksha course {Pulse Diagnosis course in Nepali} from Vaidya Dronacharya Niraula ji to learn how to become a Nadi Vaidya through online.

Nepalese people's belief in Ayurveda medicine.

Nepal is a country rich in all types of herbs. There are many such herbs which can be found only in Nepal. The old well-known Vaidya people of Nepal had established their supremacy all over the world on the basis of these herbs. But for the last few years, the southern civilization is dominating in Nepal, as a result Nepal is forced to forget its independent glorious history.

Friends, now the time has come that by accepting the Ayurvedic medical system established by our ancestors, we should restore the Ayurvedic system of medicine in our family and society. Enroll in Nadi pariksha course in Nepali Classes and Practical Ayurveda Classes, online medical astrology classes, conducted by Ayushyogi and try to understand the rare Ayurveda established by our ancestors.

Nadi Pariksha course in Nepali language.


Nadi vaidya Course In Nepal,nadi pariksha,pulse test,

Our ancestors did not teach us Ayurveda?
Friends, as it is written in Ayurvedic texts that the Nadi Vaidya who wants to treat the people of the area in which he lives in a valid Ayurvedic method, that Nadi Vaidya should follow the herbs and Ayurvedic method of medicine around him. . Because that herb and the same medical method can actually prove to be better for that patient.
That is why this is the purpose of teaching pulse test and Ayurvedic medicine in Nepali language and to people who do Ayurvedic medicine living in Nepal only in this language. We want Nepal's pulse valid Nepalese method provided by the ancestors of Nepal itself and the herbal and pulse test method made by the same doctor should be very accurate, you contact us immediately to learn such a subject.
Because you will feel proud of yourself while learning the glorious Nepali Ayurveda medical method and pulse test method established by your ancestors.

What are the benefits of Nadi Vigyan?
नाड़ी वैद्य वने फायदा नै फायदा।

After learning Ayurveda principle based pulse Diagnosis (Nadi pariksha) Siddhant given by Vaidya Dronacharya ji, you can easily do Ayurvedic diagnosis.  You will have to learn pulse Diagnosis (Nadi parikcha) from Vaidya Dronacharya ji by taking proper time.
After learning pulse Diagnosis course (Nadi pariksha)from Vaidya Dronacharya ji, you will come to know how to test the disease and secondly, you will also learn the skill of what kind of medicine should be given to the patient.

Scope of  nadi Vaidya in Nepal.
नेपाल मा नाड़ी वैद्य को आवश्यकता।

Friends, after learning Ayurvedic pulse test method, you can instill confidence in the minds of people in Nepal about Ayurveda and Ayurvedic medicine.  When you put your three fingers on the wrist of a person and start telling about the painful diseases occurring in his body, this will increase the faith in the patient's mind towards you, then whatever way you want to treat the patient, the patient will accept your point.  What could be a bigger achievement for doctors than this.


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