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How to learn Sanskrit sloka | आयुर्वेदिक श्लोक के अर्थ समझने का आसान तरीका।

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Easy way to understand Ayurvedic slokas: Today we will discuss the easiest way to read and understand the verses of Ayurvedic Sanskrit slokas.
If you are studying Ayurveda or are dreaming of becoming a doctor after getting an Ayurvedic degree, then reading this post today is very important for you.
In earlier times, people used to get qualified to read big grants of Ayurveda only after studying elementary Sanskrit subjects like Vyakaran, Amarkosh, etc.
But nowadays BAMS students prepare themselves for Sanskrit by studying general Sanskrit for 1 year.
 In such a situation, even simple Sanskrit verses seem very difficult for them.
It is absolutely true that if you want to earn both money and fame in Ayurveda, then you have to read Ayurvedic books in the same way as the writers want to teach.  For this, you have to understand the Sanskrit subject deeply.

Easy to learn Ayurveda with Ayushyogi .

There is some special formula to understand the Sanskrit word, if you remember it, then your work can be done.
That is, by applying this formula, you will be able to easily interpret the verses of any Sanskrit slokas.

आयुर्वेदिक श्लोक के अर्थ को समझने का आसान तरीका।
Easy way to understand the meaning of Ayurvedic shlokas.

Friends, to remember the verses of Ayurveda, it is necessary for us to read both these subjects, Sanskrit Grammar, and Amarkosh.  But there is also some general way by which you can understand the verses written in any Anushtup Chanda.
Here I am keeping a verse.  This verse keeps very important topics in the texts of Ayurveda, let us discuss here how we can understand this ayurvedic verse in easy language.
The easy way to understand the meaning of the verse is that you have to first identify the subject ( ), the verb ( ) and the adjective from the verse.  After that the meaning of all the verses will automatically come to your mind.

Easy way to remember Ayurvedic Shlokas.
संचयं च प्रकोपं च प्रसरं स्थान संस्रयम्।
       व्यक्ति भेदं च यो वेत्ति दोषाणां स भवेद्भिषक्।।
यहां यो और स:-यह कर्ता है ।
दोषाणां वेत्ति-यह  कर्म है।
भिषग - यह विशेषण है।
The meaning of the word starts to be understood automatically as soon as the subject, verb, and adjective are identified.
 See how the meaning of the above verse emerges on this basis.
स:-यानी वही
भवेद्भिषक्: वैद्य होता है।
दोषाणां:-(कफ पित्त वात दोष माना जाता है) इन दोषों को
वेत्ति:-यानी जानता है।
The summary turned out to be that he is the Vaidya who knows these stages of defects.

which stage?
संचयं च प्रकोपं च प्रसरं स्थान संस्रयम्।
और व्यक्ति भेदं यह ६ अवस्थाओं को जानने वाला को ही वास्तव में वैद्य कहा जाता है।
The one who knows these 6 stages is actually called a Vaidya.

आयुर्वेदिक श्लोक याद करने का आसान तरीका।
Easy way to remember Ayurvedic Shlokas.

If you are studying any Ayurvedic subjects and are afraid of failing in the exam due to not knowing Sanskrit verses, then this trick can make it easier for you to remember Sanskrit verses.
If you do not have enough time to remember any Ayurveda Sloka in Sanskrit written in Sanskrit language, then you will have to do some Makeshifter to remember Ayurveda Sloka forever.

Easy to learn Ayurveda with Ayushyogi.

If you want to understand Ayurveda in the way I have told you, always keep the following formula in mind.
1.  Note down those Sanskrit verses which are compulsory to remember and always keep them with you. Make such a rule every day that after waking up in the morning, those Ayurveda Slokas must be recited once.

Because I also had a similar problem, because I am a teacher of Sanskrit, and it is not difficult for me to understand the meaning of Sanskrit words.
But it has always been difficult to remember it. As soon as I feel that it is necessary to remember this verse, I note it down in my diary and every morning after taking a bath, while worshiping in the temple of God, other people recite hymns to the deities.  recite but I open the same diary and read those Ayurveda slokas in Sanskrit, because of this I have memorized those verses every day.

 What is the fastest way to learn Sanskrit slokas?

A better way of reading Ayurveda Sanskrit shlokas should be there in all Ayurvedic Vaidyas.  By continuously reciting Sanskrit shlokas, you can get better practice in reading Sanskrit.  Carry Charak Samhita with you anytime anywhere, whenever you have free time, and practice reading Sanskrit shlokas every day.

What is the way to learn Sanskrit slokas?

To pronounce Sanskrit verses, you must have knowledge of grammar and Amarkosh and Alankar.  You learn these topics through YouTube or any other social site, and after that gradually increase the practice of increasing Sanskrit verses.
 Attend AyushYogi Online Class to recite Sanskrit shlokas every day. Through AyushYogi Online Class, you can learn all the subjects of Ayurveda, especially Ayurveda's original Charak Samhita and Kayachikitsa, pulse Diagnosis course, and medical astrology in very simple language by Dronacharya Ji.  you can learn from.

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